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  • Our 2017 OCIO List: Outsourced AUM up over 21%
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Outsourced assets under management up over 21 percent year-over-year in Skorina’s latest OCIO list!

With 76 firms heard from, we’re now reporting $1.7 Trillion in full-discretion assets under management by outsourced chief investment officer firms.

That’s a year-over-year jump of $364 billion – or a little over twenty one percent – since September, 2016!

See last year’s report, here:

The number of reported RFPs is also rising as institutions seek better returns and broader investment options.  OCIO providers, in turn, are beefing up their resources to meet the needs of current and prospective clients.

For example: Alan Biller, Hirtle Callaghan, Goldman Sachs, and Cambridge Associates, among others, all continue to add headcount and expand capabilities.

Hirtle Callaghan is hiring senior client-centric investment professionals, Goldman and Cambridge continue to mobilize and deploy their deep internal resources, and Alan Biller continues to build for the future and consolidate their commanding position in the multi-employer pension space.

Where are CIOs to come from?

As a search-committee chairman remarked to me recently, there are very few Joe Montanas to be had among nonprofit CIOs.  The accomplished stars and no-brainer candidates are mostly immovable. 

That’s obviously true among the mega-endowments. Seth Alexander, Andrew Golden, and Scott Malpass are happy where they are.  Recent hires like Narv Narvekar and Britt Harris were well-known to Harvard and UTIMCO, respectively, for years.  And in each case that is probably the only move either would have considered.

But much the same problem exists at smaller funds.  Proven leaders are already well-paid; and/or they’re closer to the end than the beginning of their careers.

Paula Volent, for instance, has done a stellar job at the $1.3 billion AUM Bowdoin College endowment, and is still relatively young.  But her board is – wisely – taking very good care of her.  It’s unlikely that another fund that size could match what’s she’s making.


Talent is still available at a reasonable price, lots of it.  But you have to look deeper and harder, and may need to move down to next-generation leaders who don’t have the long track-records that reassure nervous, picky boards.  Next-gen candidates bring less hands-on experience and must survive harder scrutiny.

Big Fortune 500 firms like GE spend years and millions of dollars training their leaders for top jobs.  Nonprofits don’t have the time or budget for that.

New CIOs must show up full-fledged ready to hit the ground running.

OCIO firms can offer the proven performance of those unobtainable super-stars at a reasonable price.  And they can replicate the entire investment office with the process and structure to cope with the complexity of modern portfolios and mounting operational and regulatory burdens.

An OCIO isn’t necessarily the best choice for your institution, but it’s an attractive proposition for many.  That’s why their AUM is still growing at that blistering pace.

Stay tuned for Part 2:

In our next newsletter, we will have more to say about the pros and cons of outsourcing, plus an extended analysis of endowment investment management costs, and conversations with some prominent outsourcing leaders.

For now, let’s just look at how the sector is doing and who’s available to take your call per our latest research.

On to the 2017 edition of Skorina’s Ultimate Outsourcer List!

Skorina’s OCIO list 76 firms

September 2017 edition

(most firms as of 6-30-17)

Agility (Perella Weinberg)

Chris Bittman, CIO

Denver, CO

(303) 813-7910

$8bn (5-31-17)


Alan Biller and Associates

Alan D. Biller, CEO & Sr Consultant

Menlo Park, CA

(650) 328-7283

$88bn total

$37.8bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Angeles Investment Advisors

Leslie B. Kautz, Principal

Tatijana S. Janko, Director

Santa Monica, CA

(310) 393-6300

(310) 463-7964

$26bn advisory

$2.9bn discretionary (3/31/17)      


AON Hewitt

Steve Cummings, President

Chicago, IL

(847) 442-0064

$104bn discretionary (3-31-17)


Appomattox Advisory

Drianne Benner, MD Institutional Marketing

New York, NY

(212) 546-6247

$1.5bn discretionary (5-31-17)


Aptitude Investment Management (ex Federal Way)

Jeff Klein, CEO & Deputy CIO

Michael Hillman, Head of IR

Seattle, WA

(206) 788-8808

$5.6bn total

$5.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Artemis Wealth Advisors

Peter M. Rup, Founder & CIO

New York, NY

(212) 838-9000

$825mm total 

$625mm discretionary (3-31-17)




Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Michael W. Johnson, Area President Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services

Washington, DC

(202) 898-2270

$53.6bn advisory, 

$2.6bn discretionary (6-30-17)




Athena Capital Advisors

Lisette Cooper, MP/CIO

Lincoln, MA

(781) 274-9300

$5.498bn total 

$4.884bn discretionary (6/30/17)




M. Rob Ragsdale, Partner

Atlanta, GA

(404) 537-4800

$2.6bn (6-30-17)



Edward Ng, MD, Head of US OCIO/LDI/Portfolio Mgmt

New York, NY

(212) 810-5300

$122bn discretionary (6/30/17)


BNY Mellon Investment Management

Andrew D. Wozniak, Head of Fiduciary Management

New York, NY

(412) 236-7940

$9.5bn total

$8.2bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Callan Associates

Jim Callahan, Executive VP

San Francisco, CA

(415) 974-5060

$2tn advisory

$24.1bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Cambridge Associates

Deirdre Nectow, Mgn Director

Boston, MA

(617) 457-1781

$147.9bn advisory 

$21.6bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Canterbury Consulting

Poorvi Parekh, Director of Outsourced Investments

Newport Beach, CA

(949) 718-2224

$15.07bn advisory, 

$2.41bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Clearbrook Global Advisors

Elliott Wislar, CEO

Gregg Sibert, Chief Mrktg Officer

New York, NY

(212) 683-6686

$28bn advisory 

$825mm discretionary (3-31-17)



Tim Yates, Mgn Dir, Head Strategic Solutions

Wilton, CT

(203) 563 -­5254

$24bn discretionary (6-30-17)


CornerStone Partners

David Russell, Sr Mgn Dir

Charlottesville, VA (434) 295-3947

$10bn (6-30-17)


Covariance Capital Management (TIAA-CREF)

Cara Howe, Sr Dir bus dev

Chris Carabell, MD, head of bus dev

Houston, TX

(713) 770-2042


(713) 770-2072



DiMeo Schneider & Assoc.

Robert (Bob) A. DiMeo, MD & Co-Founder

Jon Fellows, Partner & Chair,

Discretionary Committee

Chicago, IL

(312) 853-1000

$67.6bn advisory, 

$2.8bn discretionary (5-31-17)




Matthew W. Wright, President & CIO

Nashville, TN

(615) 490-6007

AUM not available



Discretionary Management Services (DeMarche Assoc.)

Thomas C. Woolwine, President

Overland Park, KS

(913) 981-1345

$22.7bn advisory, 

$295mm discretionary (3-31-17)



Edgehill Endowment Partners

Ellen Shuman, Mgn Partner

Nina F. Scherago, Mgn Partner

New Haven, CT

(203) 654-3552

(203) 654-3551


Fidelity Institutional Asset Management (ex Pyramis)

Jim Zadrozny, SVP institutional sales

Smithfield, RI

(401) 292-4760

401-209-0523 cell

$690bn global

$18bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Fund Evaluation Group

Christina Drake, Sr Client Development Associate

Cincinnati, OH

(513) 592-2107

$54bn advisory, 

$6.9bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Gerber Taylor

Matthew Kinnear, Client dev

Memphis, TN

(901) 526-9750

$7.8bn advisory

$5.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Gordon Fowler, Jr., President, CEO & CIO

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 419-6640

$37.2bn total

$17.8bn institutional discretion (6-30-17)


Global Endowment Mgmt

Stephanie Lynch, Partner

Charlotte, NC

(704) 333-8282

$8.4bn (6/30/17)


Goldman Sachs

Kane Brenan, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(212) 855-9851

$126.4bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Hall Capital Partners

Sarah Stein, Managing Partner

Alison Bowe Diessner, Principal

San Francisco, CA

(415) 277-2634

(415) 217-2494


$7.1bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Highland Associates

Kelly Campbell, Mrktg Assoc

Birmingham, AL

(205) 939-8307

$22bn total

$10.5bn discretionary (6/30/17)



Andre Perold, CIO

Boston, MA

(617) 406-6510

$3.1bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Hirtle Callaghan

Erica Evans, Head of Client Engagement

W. Conshohocken, PA

(610) 943-4100

$23bn (6-30-17)


Investment Performance Services

David A. Russell, Sr Investment Strategist

Newtown, PA

Savannah, GA

(215) 867-2330

$39bn advisory

$10bn discretionary (3-31-17)



Ellen Meyer, Client Team Dir

Charlottesville, VA (434) 220-0280

$13.5bn discretionary (7-31-17)


J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management

Monica Issar, Head Endowments & Foundations Group

New York, NY

(212) 464-2852

$2.6 trillion

$27.3bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Lowe, Brockenbrough & Co. (Bespoke Strategies)

Christopher Dion, MD & CIO

Richmond, VA

(804) 287-2744

$2.3bn total, 

$1.0bn institutional discretion (6-30-17)



Bill Miller, Partner & COO

Menlo Park, CA

(650) 926-0510

$19bn (6-30-17)


Mangham Associates

Elizabeth Aycock, Director 

Charlottesville, VA

(434) 973-2223

$1.5bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Marquette Associates

Doug Oest, Mgn Partner

Chicago, IL

(312) 527-5500

$156bn advisory

$6.9bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Meketa Fiduciary Mgmt

Chaunice Peebles, Relationship Manager

San Diego, CA

(760) 795-3455

$550bn advisory

$6.4bn discretionary (6-30-17)



Rich Joseph, US delegated solutions leader

Boston, MA

(617) 747-9540

$10.2Trillion advisory

$191bn delegated global AUM (6-30-17)


Mill Creek Capital Advisors

Josh Gross, President

Conshohocken, PA

(610) 941-7714

$5.6bn total

$5.1bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Morgan Creek Capital Mgmt

Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO

Chapel Hill, NC

(919) 933-4004

$2.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Morgan Stanley/Graystone

Robert Mandel, Exec Dir

Suzanne Lindquist, Exec Dir

New York, NY

(914) 225-5420

(212) 296-1064  



Steve F. Charlton, Director consulting services

Boston, MA

(617) 374-1300

$15.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


New Providence Asset Mgmt

Lance Odden, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(646) 292-1200

$3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Northern Trust

Margret Duvall, Sr Solutions Strategist

Chicago, IL

(312) 444-7336


$64.9bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Partners Capital

Paul Dimitruk, Chair, Partner

Brendan Corcoran, Partner

Boston, MA & UK

(617) 292-2575

(617) 330-7679




Pavilion Advisory Group Inc. /U.S. operations (bought Slocum)

Deanna Allen, VP Mrktg

Chicago, IL

(312) 798-3200

Minneapolis, MN

(612) 338-7020

$226bn advisory

$2.3bn discretionary (12-31-16)




Pentegra Investors Inc.

Sarah Coxe Lange, MD, Institutional Client Solutions

White Plains, NY

(914) 821-9563

$11bn total discretionary (6-30-17)


Permanens Capital

Gary Yannazzo, CFO

New York, NY

(212) 993-7440

$2.6bn discretionary (6-30-17)



PFM Asset Mgmt

John Spagnola, Mgn Dir

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 567-6100

$8.7bn advisory

$9.4 discretionary (6-30-17)


PNC Bank

Deborah A. Kolsovsky, EVP & MD Institutional Advisory Solutions

Scranton, PA

(570) 961-6868

$22bn discretionary AUM (6-30-17)


Regions Asset Mgmt

S. Alan McKnight, Jr., CIO

Birmingham, AL

(205) 264-6621

$90.9 advisory

$30.76bn discretionary (6/30/17)



Rocaton Investment Advisors

John Hartman, Mgn Director

Norwalk, CT

(203) 621-1717

$532bn advisory, 

$10.2bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Rockefeller & Co.

Patricia Verrochi, Mgn Dir

New York, NY

(212) 549-5314

$26.4bn total

$10.9bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Roundtable Investment Partners (merged with Post Rock)

Geoffrey T. Boisi, Chairman & CEO

New York, NY

(212) 488-4700

$4.5bn total (6-30-17)



Russell Investments

Eric Macy, Mgn Dir

New York, NY

(212) 702-7941

$2.3 trillion advisory (12-31-16)

$123.7bn OCIO global institutional (3/31/17)

$48.6bn OCIO US institutional (3/31/17)


Segal Marco Advisors

Ryan M. Hanna, SVP, Head Global Portfolio Solutions

Chicago, IL

(312) 612-8469

$9.1bn discretionary (6-30-17)

Segal Marco Advisors


SEI Institutional Group

Michael Cagnina, VP, MD

Oaks, PA

(610) 676-1496

$88.5bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Seven Bridges Advisors

M. Ram Lee, Partner

New York, NY

(212) 490-6320

$4.25bn total (6-30-17)


Spider Management Co.

Rob Blandford, President, CIO

Richmond, VA

(804) 289-6010

$4.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Spruceview Capital Partners

John A. Garibaldi, Mgn Partner

New York, NY

(212) 485-8617




State Street Global Advisors

Keith Malcher, MD, Investment Solutions Group – OCIO

Stamford, CT

(203) 708-2501 

$83.9bn discretionary (6/30/17)


Strategic Investment Group

Nikki Kraus, MD, Client dev

Arlington, VA

(703) 243-4433

$34.7bn total

$25.1bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Summit Solutions (Summit Strategies Group)

Don Wehrmann, Principal

Saint Louis, MO

(314) 727-7211

$3.3bn OCIO assets (5-31-17)


SunTrust Bank

Elizabeth Cabell Jennings, SVP, Dir Institutional Investments Foundations, Endowments Specialty Practice

Atlanta, GA

(404) 813-1538

Richmond, VA

(804) 782-7016

$9.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)



The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF)

Pat Torrey, Mgn Director

Radnor, PA

(610) 684-8201

$9.2bn discretionary (6/30/17)



Charles Service, MD, Investment Solutions

Chicago, IL

(312) 525-7016

$13bn OCIO mandates (6-30-17)




US Trust Bank of America

Bernard Reidy, National Philanthropic Sales Executive

New York, NY

(646) 855-5647

$30.9bn discretionary (6-30-17)



Kevin T. Jestice, Principal

Malvern, PA

(610) 669-6449

$36bn discretionary (5-31-17)


Verger Capital Management

Patrick Decker, Client Development, MD

Wesley Carroccio, Client Development, Director

Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 758-4129

$1.6bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Verus Investments
Shelly J. Heier, Pres & COO

 Seattle, WA
(206) 622-3700
 $340bn advisory

$2.3bn discretionary (6-30-17)


Wells Fargo – Institutional Asset Advisors

Rob Kent, VP national sales dir

Overland Park, KS

(913) 234-2929

$23.5bn discretionary (3/31/17)


Willis Towers Watson

Kemp Ross, Global Head of Delegated

Debra Woida, Head, Delegated Investment Services, Americas

Pieter Steyn, EMEA head Delegated Investment Services

Chicago, IL

(312) 525-2436

(312) 525-2336


44 (0) 207 170 2714


Wilshire Associates

Kristofer T. Kelleher, Managing Director

Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 434-1602

$940.4bn advisory 

$7.9bn discretionary (6/30/17)



Northern California asset manager is looking for a President/Entrepreneur

We’re looking for a leader who combines entrepreneurial flair with outstanding investment-management skills.

He or she must be an accomplished strategist/portfolio manager across all asset classes.  Ideally, we also want to see some hands-on experience as a business founder, owner, or partner.

The firm provides fiduciary consulting and full-discretion outsourced Chief Investment Officer services (OCIO) to large employee benefit plans, manages close to $40 billion under full discretion, and advises on an additional $50 billion in client relationships. 

The firm has maintained steady growth for over thirty years, employs thirty-five professionals and staff, and has achieved eminence in its field.  

This position offers an opportunity to build a substantial equity position and comes with a very competitive compensation and benefits package.

Call: Charles Skorina, 415-391-3431


A short guide to OCIO happiness

If you are a board-member or senior exec, you should have good answers to at least two questions before you cold-call any of those numbers.

First: Why are you thinking of outsourcing? 

Return-envy?  Peer funds seem to be doing better than you are?  Sure, returns aren’t everything, especially in the short term; and especially without taking risk-return balance into account.  But you’re tired of explaining that to your stakeholders and that nasty reporter who keeps writing bad things about you.  A high-performing OCIO might get you better returns.

And that would make your life easier.

Meeting-fatigue?  You’re a smallish fund and you use a committee-and-consultant model.  But the work-load on your volunteer members keeps ratcheting up.  And your selfless investment-committee chair is retiring.  And nobody else wants the job, especially not you.  And setting up an internal investment office is not cost-effective.

Boards, you recall, are supposed to set policy, not manage.  An OCIO is an actual manager.

An OCIO could manage, while your people set policy.

Again, your life gets easier.

Second: What is an easier life worth to you?

Good OCIOs (like good CIOs) are not cheap.  If you prioritize cheap, then you shouldn’t be thinking in terms of active investment management.  Call Vanguard and get a menu of index funds for a simple, diversified portfolio.  You can buy all the beta you want for very little.  That works for some people, but probably not for you and your stakeholders or you wouldn’t be reading this list.

You probably know what your consultant and external managers are charging you in terms of basis-points-per-AUM dollar to manage your money.  But if an OCIO can get you an easier life, then what premium will you be willing to pay over that?

When and if you’re ready to issue RFPs and interview firms, then it will be time to warm up the lawyers and accountants and do full-tilt due-diligence.  There are pre-fab checklists out there with many, many boxes to tick.  But that, conveniently, is beyond the scope of this letter.

Good luck.  And tell them Skorina sent you.


A very early look at some FY17 endowment returns:

writes-offs drag Harvard down

As we go to press we have 1-year returns for 10 major endowments, with Harvard reporting on Tuesday, 19 September.  HMC is 10th out of 10 thus far.












Grinnell College

Wilson, Scott




U California Regents

Bachher, Jagdeep




U of Colorado





Dartmouth College

(Peedin, Pamela)

Ruth, Alice





Alexander, Seth




U of Texas/UTIMCO

(Zimmerman, Bruce)

Harris, Britt




U of Virginia/UVIMCO

Kochard, Lawrence




U of No Carolina – Chapel Hill

King, Jonathon




U of Iowa Fdn

Bethea, Jim




Harvard U

Narvekar, Narv


Scott Wilson at Grinnell College leads the pack.  We took a close look at him in last week’s letter, here:

Our friend Brandon Dixon at the Crimson has the skinny on Harvard here:

And see Michael McDonald at Bloomberg:

In a letter to the Harvard community Mr. Narvekar says forthrightly:

“Our performance is disappointing…”

He sets out the changes he’s making (at a brisk pace).  He attributes most of the bad news to write offs in several asset classes.  But promises no miracles.

“I expect it will take a number of years to re-position HMC in order to perform up to our expectations…”

We’ll have more commentary in due course as more returns are announced.


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