Skorina’s Ultimate Outsourcer List, Version 3.2


We present our all-new, freshly-researched list of OCIOs: firms offering “outsourced chief investment officer” services to endowments, foundations, and charities.  The list has grown to 77 firms and we think it’s the most comprehensive and useful in the industry.

This list should help anyone considering the OCIO option.  We are thinking specifically of board members and directors at pensions, endowments, foundations, and other tax-exempt funds.  You now have a comprehensive list of firms who provide OCIO services and how to reach them.

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MOHAMED EL-ERIAN: PIMCO’s heir-apparent goes missing

The noisiest recent CIO turnover was at a sell-side firm, but one which is closely watched by many institutions.  PIMCO’s CEO and Co-CIO Mohamed El-Erian has been replaced — or at least succeeded by — a whole roomful of folks.  El-Erian, who reportedly earned $100 million in 2011, announced his departure in January and was gone by March 1st.  He has no job in prospect except a part-time gig as a consultant to PIMCO’s German parent Allianz SE.

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