Performance for pay: Is your CIO cost-effective?

(Check the 3 charts below)

For our internal use and to help our clients, we compile data and track the performance of hundreds of CIOs and asset managers. Recently, we extracted and published a list of the 50 highest-paid nonprofit CIOs, which some readers seemed to like.

This time, we’ve started with that same list and tried to answer the question: who among these well-paid managers provides the most performance relative to their paychecks?

Specifically, we looked at their investment returns over the most recent five years, computed how many basis points they earned per $100 thousand of compensation, and then ranked them all by that measure of performance-for-pay.

We’ll have more to say about what it all means further below. But, without further ado, here’s the ranking of the highest-paid nonprofit CIOs according to the almost-famous Skorina Performance-for-Pay Index.

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