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Ivy Endowments Performance and Pay 2014

11 / 12 / 2014
by Charles Skorina | Comments are closed

Ivy Endowments Performance and Pay 2014:

Tenure, turnover, and the long our vote for best CIO over the last ten years.

[Spoiler: Our pick? Seth Alexander, CIO at MIT]

Every fall we chronicle endowment performance and pay at the eight traditional Ivy League schools, and at a few other top private schools around the country.

This year our Alt-Ivys are: Stanford, Chicago, Notre Dame, MIT and Duke.  We think their academic prestige, endowment size and sophisticated management make them investment peers of the Old Ivys.

In previous editions we emphasized five-year annualized returns as a key measurement. Our argument was: as recruiters we are interested in the performance of current management; and the average tenure among institutional chief investment officers is only about five years.

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11 / 01 / 2014
by Charles Skorina | Comments are closed


Outsourced chief investment Officers (OCIO) Ver 3.3

N.B.: AUM amounts are discretionary unless otherwise noted

Agility (Perella Weinberg)

Christopher Bittman, CIO

Denver, CO

(303) 813-7910



Alan Biller and Associates

Alan D. Biller, CEO & Sr Consultant

Menlo Park, CA

(650) 328-7283

$31.5bn (includes $30.4bn Western Teamsters pension)

Angeles Investment Advisors

Leslie B. Kautz, Principal

Santa Monica, CA

(310) 393-6300

$43bn advisory, $1.7bn discretionary


Appomattox Advisory

Drianne Benner, Director of Institutional Marketing

New York, NY

(212) 546-6247



Artemis Wealth Advisors

Peter M. Rup, Founder & CIO

New York, NY

(212) 838-9000

$753mm$566mm discretionary

Athena Capital Advisors

Lisette Cooper, CEO

Lincoln, MA

(781) 274-9300

$4.8bn$3.5bn discretionary




Rob Ragsdale, Partner

Atlanta, GA

(404) 537-4800



Edward Ng, MD of BR solutions

New York, NY

(212) 810-5300


BNY Mellon Asset Mgmt

Andrew D. Wozniak, Head Fiduciary Management

New York, NY

(412) 236-7940


Callan Associates

Jim Callahan, Executive VP

San Francisco, CA

(415) 974-5060

$2 trillion advisory, $8.4bn discretionary


Cambridge Associates

Deirdre Nectow, Mgn Director


Boston, MA

(617) 457-1781


$139bn advisory, $9.6bn discretionary

Canterbury Consulting

Poorvi Parekh, Director of Outsourced Investments

Newport Beach, CA

(949) 718-2224

$12.5bn advisory, $1.4bn discretionary


Catholic Investment Services

Peter Jeton, CEO

Cambridge, MA

(617) 758-6590

$100mm seed capital

Christian Brothers Investment Services

Robert P. Stelben, Head of Institutional Development

New York, NY

(212) 490-0800


Clearbrook Global Advisors

Elliott Wislar, CEO

New York, NY

(212) 683-6686

$30bn advisory, $500mm discretionary


Sarah E. Clark, Mgn Dir strategic solutions

Wilton, CT

(203) 563 -­5254

$24bn total, $6.9bn discretionary

CornerStone Partners

Don Laing, Senior Partner

Charlottesville, VA (434) 296-1400


Covariance Capital Management (TIAA-CREF)

Cara Howe, Dir business development

Houston, TX

(713) 770-2042




DiMeo Schneider & Assoc.

Robert (Bob) A. DiMeo, Mgn Dir & Co-Founder

Jon Fellows, Partner & Chair,

Discretionary Committee

Chicago, IL

(312) 853-1000

$50bn advisory, $1.5bn discretionary




Matthew W. Wright, President & CIO

Nashville, TN

(615) 490-6007

AUM not available



Discretionary Management Services (DeMarche Assoc.)

Thomas C. Woolwine, President

Overland Park, KS

(913) 981-1345

$27bn advisory, $398mm discretionary



Edgehill Endowment Partners

Ellen Shuman, Mgn Partner

Nina F. Scherago, Mgn Partner

New Haven, CT

(203) 691-7392

(203) 691-7426


Federal Way Asset Mgmt

Salim Shariff, MD & CIO

Michael J. Phillips, Chair & CEO

Federal Way, WA

(253) 236-3535


Fiduciary Research & Consulting

John Boich, President & CIO

San Francisco, CA

(415) 671-4020


Fortress Partners Funds

Alexander Cook, Co-CIO

Stuart Bohart, Co-CIO

New York, NY

(212) 798-6076


Fund Evaluation Group

Gary Price, Managing Principal

Cincinnati, OH

(513) 719-5101

$40bn advisory, $2.8bn discretionary


Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors

Nick Davies, Area President

Washington, DC

(202) 898-2270

$47bn advisory, $2bn discretionary

Gordon Fowler, Jr., President, CEO & CIO

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 419-6640

$25bn total, $9.34bn institutional discretion

Global Endowment Mgmt

Stephanie Lynch, Partner

Charlotte, NC

(704) 333-8282


Goldman Sachs

Kane Brenan, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(212) 855-9851


Hall Capital Partners

Sarah Stein, President

San Francisco, CA

(415) 288-0544

$27.6bn$4.1bn institutional discretion

Hewitt EnnisKnupp (AON)

Steve Cummings, President

Chicago, IL

(847) 295-5000



Brian Chu, Partner

Boston, MA

(617) 406-6500


Hirtle Callaghan

Nicole Kraus, Director Institutional Practice

  1. Conshohocken, PA

(610) 943-4192



Investment Performance Services

David A. Russell, Sr Investment Strategist

Savannah, GA

Newtown, PA

(215) 867-2330

$30bn advisory, $9.6bn discretionary



Ellen Meyer, Client Relations

Charlottesville, VA (434) 220-0280


J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt

Monica Issar, Head Endowment & Foundation Group

New York, NY

(212) 464-2852

$2.3 trillion$37bn discretionary (As of Dec, 2013)


Lowe, Brockenbrough & Co.

Christopher Dion, MD & CIO

Richmond, VA

(804) 287-2744

$2bn total, $925mm institutional discretion


Bill Miller, Partner & COO

Menlo Park, CA

(650) 926-0510



Marquette Associates

Tim Burdick, Mgn Dir OCIO program

Chicago, IL

(312) 527-5500

$100bn advisory, $2.5bn discretionary

Mercer (Marsh & McLennan)

Tom Murphy, Senior Partner

Boston, MA

(617) 747-9375


Mangham Associates

Joel R. Mangham, Principal

Charlottesville, VA

(434) 973-2223



Mill Creek Capital Advisors

Richard Stevens, President

Conshohocken, PA

(610) 941-9795

$2.83bn total, $2.25bn discretionary

Morgan Creek Cap Mgmt

Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO

Chapel Hill, NC

(919) 933-4004



Morgan Stanley/Graystone Consulting

Robert Mandel, Exec Director

Franco Piarulli, Mgn Director

Purchase, NY

(914) 225-5420

(914) 225-7254



Steve F. Charlton, Director consulting services

Cambridge, MA

(617) 374-1300


New Providence Asset Mgmt

Lance Odden, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(646) 292-1200


Northern Trust

Margret Duvall, Mgn Dir

Chicago, IL

(312) 444-7336

$88bn$40bn discretionary

Okabena Advisors

Deborah D. Weiss, Managing Director Investment services

Minneapolis, MN

(612) 217-6225


Pacific Global Advisors

David A. Oaten, Managing Director

New York, NY

(212) 405-6400

$20bn discretionary


Partners Capital

Paul Dimitruk, Chair & Partner

Boston, MA & UK

(617) 292-2575

$13bn total, $6.8bn institutional discretion


Pentegra Retirement Services

Sarah Coxe Lange, Nat Sales Director

White Plains, NY

(914) 821-9563

$9bn, $7.5bn discretionary

Permanens Capital

John J. Regan, CIO

New York, NY

(212) 358-6532



Post Rock Advisors

Carol B. Einiger, President

New York, NY

(212) 838-7100

AUM not available


Pyramis Global Advisors

Jim Zadrozny, SVP institutional sales

Smithfield, RI

(401) 292-4760

$200bn global, $14bn discretionary



Rocaton Investment Advisors

John Hartman, Mgn Director

Norwalk, CT

(203) 621-1717

$400bn advisory, $5.2bn discretionary

Rockefeller & Co.

Elizabeth P Munson, Pres, Rockefeller Trust Co

NY & D.C.

(202) 719-3012

$43.8bn total, $10.6bn discretionary

Russell Investments

Eric Macy, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(212) 702-7941

Russell states: $200bn advisory (3/31/14)

$115bn OCIO global institutional clients

$87.8bn OCIO US institutional clients

Salient Partners

John A. Blaisdell, CEO

Houston, TX

(713) 993-4675


SECOR Asset Management

Tony Kao, Managing Principal

New York, NY

(212) 980-7350


Segal Rogerscasey

Peter Gerlings, SVP Institutional solutions

Darien, CT

(617) 424-7357

$3.6bn discretionary

SEI Institutional Group

Paul F. Klauder, VP & Managing Director

Oaks, PA

(610) 676-2225



Jon Havice, CIO

Minneapolis, MN

(612) 252-9379

$110bn, $5bn discretionary

Spider Management Co.

Rob Blandford, President, CIO

Richmond, VA

(804) 200-6917


Spruce Private Investors

John Bailey, CEO

Stamford, CT

(203) 428-2600





Spruceview Capital Partners

John A. Garibaldi, Partner

New York, NY

(212) 485-8617

AUM not available




State Street Global Advisors

Yeng Butler, Head of Fiduciary solutions

Matt Kelley, VP Fiduciary solutions

Boston, MA

(617) 664-2014


(617) 664-2433


Strategic Investment Group

Deborah Boedicker, Mgn D

Arlington, VA

(703) 236-1620

$35.6bn70% discretionary

Summit Solutions (Summit Strategies Group)

Drew Pfeifer, SVP institutional solutions

Saint Louis, MO

(314) 446-5382

$24.5bn discretionary


SunTrust Bank

Alan McKnight, Jr., Head of Institutional Investments

Atlanta, GA

(404) 813-9059


Towers Watson Investment Services

Debra Woida, Head, Delegated Investment Services, Americas

Jane Armstrong, EU head Delegated Investment Services

Chicago, IL


(312) 525-2336


01737 284860

$58bn discretionary


The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF)

Larry Mangan, Head of Member Services

Radnor, PA

(610) 684-8202

$11bn discretionary


William Drobny, Head Institutional Marketing

Chicago, IL

(312) 525-7100


US Trust Bank of America

Joseph Curtin, Mgn Director

New York, NY

(212) 852-3858

$29bn discretionary


Kevin T. Jestice, Principal

Malvern, PA

(610) 669-6449



Verger Capital Management

Tommy Elrod, Dir bus develop

Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 758-4129

$1.2 bn discretionary


Wells Fargo -Institutional Asset Advisor Group

Rob Kent, VP national sales dir

Overland Park, KS

(913) 234-2929

$21bn discretionary


Wilshire Associates

Julia K. Bonafede, President Consulting

Santa Monica, CA

(310) 451-3051

$964bn advisory, $6.7bn discretionary (As of Sept, 2013)


Wurts & Associates

Jeffrey C. Scott, CIO

Seattle, WA

(206) 622-3700




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